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1968 Topps Baseball 5th Series Cello Pack (12 Cards Available)

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$295.00  per card

Possibly contains a PSA 10 of:
Mickey Mantle (Game Card) worth $10,000+
Willie Mays (Game Card) worth $10,000+
Roberto Clemente (AS) worth $8,000+
Steve Carlton worth $3,000+
Jim “Catfish” Hunter worth $3,000+

8 cards left

Product Breakdown

Look for PSA 10's of Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays Game cards worth $10,000+!

This stunning graded and sealed 1968 TOPPS BASEBALL 5th Series CELLO PACK could possibly contain a PSA 10 card of Roberto Clemente All-Star worth $8,000+!

Also, look for PSA 10’s of Steve Carlton, Jim “Catfish” Hunter, and Fergie Jenkins worth $3,000!

Also, look Frank Robinson (AS), Bob Gibson (AS), Reds Rookies, Mickey Lolich, and Checklist variation worth up to $2,000+!

Also, look for Bill Mazeroski, Lou Brock (AS), Jim Kaat, Tim McCarver and many other stars!

A total of eight Hall of Famers in 5th Series!

Only 86 cards in the 5th Series (371-457), so there is an excellent chance of pulling a valuable card!

1968 Topps Baseball Inserts

Measuring 2-1/4" x 3-1/4", the sole insert in 1968 Topps Baseball is part of card game. The Game insert totals 33 cards that showcase a similar look to a deck of playing cards. Each card includes a colorful player image, facsimile signature and specific play that corresponds to the game. Each of the Game card backs include a blue design.

Look for PSA 10 Game Cards of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays worth $10,000+!

Also, look for other valuable game cards of Frank Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Henry Aaron, Yaz, Joe Torre, Rod Carew, Al Kaline and many more!

Sales History - Top 5+ Cards

PSA 10 #374 Roberto Clemente sold for $7,433 in 2021

PSA 10 #378 Bob Gibson (AS) sold for $1,226 in 2022

PSA 10 #384 Reds Rookies sold for $2,874 in 2022

PSA 10 #385 Jim Hunter sold for $2,963 in 2022

PSA 10 #408 Steve Carlton sold for $2,921 in 2022

PSA 10 #410 Fergie Jenkins sold for $3,150 in 2019

PSA 10 #373 Frank Robinson (AS) sold for $1,020 in 2023

Sales History Game Cards

PSA 10 #2 Mickey Mantle sold for $11,943 in 2019

PSA 10 #8 Willie Mays sold for $10,734 in 2019

PSA 10 #7 Frank Robinson sold for $1,913 in 2018

PSA 10 #6 Roberto Clemente sold for $4,446 in 2021

Product Last Updated: 2/25/23

*When all the cards in this pack are sold out, we will open it via our live broadcast on our YouTube Channel and Facebook Live Channel!

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