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Baseball Card Breaks

Looking to upgrade your collection of retro baseball cards? JRI Cards is here to help with tons of exciting baseball card breaks! Pick a pack you like, buy it, and (when everyone has bought the packs in that box) we’ll crack open your vintage baseball cards live on our YouTube channel. Share in the adrenaline that comes from seeing your packs opened with our awesome community. No matter what cards you’re after—vintage Topps baseball cards or otherwise—we have them here at JRI Cards. Check out all the vintage baseball cards for sale, and find the pack that calls your name.

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  1. Mixer|1962 Topps Baseball 1st Series Cello Packs (6 Spots Available)

    Possibly contains a PSA 10 of:
    Roger Maris worth $400,000+
    Mgrs. Dream (Mantle/Mays) worth $300,000+
    Bob Clemente worth $200,000+
    Sandy Koufax worth $50,000+
    Ernie Banks worth $50,000+
    Stan Musial worth $30,000+
    Brooks Robinson worth $30,000+
    Harmon Killebrew worth $30,000+
    Warren Spahn worth $20,000+
    Ed Mathews worth $20,000+
    AL HR Ldrs. (Mantle/Maris/Killebrew) worth $20,000+

    $2,350.00  per spot
    5 spots left
    Earn 2350 points
  2. 2022 Leaf in The Game (ITG) Game Used Sports Box (5 Cards Available)

    Five Premium Hits Per Box!
    Look for an exciting mix of legends, young stars and superstars across all sports!
    Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Pete Rose, Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Montana, Lou Gehrig, Lionel Messi, Mike Tyson, Pele, Ric Flair, Nolan Ryan, Tom Brady, Roger Federer, Derek Jeter, and so many others!

    $200.00  per card
    5 cards left
    Earn 200 points
  3. 2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball Box (4 Cards Available)

    Look for 4 memorabilia or autograph cards per box!
    Look for Mickey Mantle/Willie Mays/Mathews/Robinson/ Mattingly/Boggs/Sandberg/Bench/Rose/Perez/Mike Schmidt/ George Brett/Rickey Henderson/Tim Raines, Albert Pujols, and Carlton Fisk!

    $145.00  per card
    4 cards left
    Earn 145 points
  4. 2009 Sportkings Series C Hobby Box (9 Cards Available)

    Possibly Contains:
    Various Rare Autographs Patches of Pele and Mike Tyson worth up to $3,000+
    Look for Silver and Gold versions of Auto, Patches, and Famous Fabrics of Jerry Rice, Joe Namath, Kobe Bryant, Pete Maravich, and Reggie Jackson!
    Look for rare 1/1 Cut Signatures!

    $125.00  per card
    9 cards left
    Earn 125 points
  5. 1975 Topps Baseball Cello Pack (18 Cards Available)

    Possibly contains a PSA 10 of:
    George Brett rookie worth $125,000+
    Nolan Ryan worth $100,000+
    Robin Yount rookie worth $80,000+
    Mike Schmidt worth $50,000+
    Jim Rice Rookie worth $50,000+

    $115.00  per card $150.00  per card
    3 cards left
    Earn 115 points
  6. 1970 Fleer Baseball World Series Wax Pack (10 Cards Available)

    Possibly contains a PSA 10's of:
    World Series Games from 1903 to 1969 - $1,000+

    $29.00  per card $60.00  per card
    6 cards left
    Earn 29 points
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20 Items

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