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Basketball Card Breaks

Have you ever had vintage basketball cards opened in your name on a livestream before? If you have, you know how much fun it is. And if you haven’t, you can’t imagine. Basketball card breaks are one of the best ways to get your blood pumping without actually playing in the NBA. Join us on our YouTube livestream to watch one of our basketball card breaks! If you buy a pack, you can see yours opened live. We have everything you could hope for in the world of vintage basketball card packs, so check out our vintage NBA cards today.

Each card purchased entitles you to one randomized card in the pack

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  1. 2004 Topps Chrome Basketball Foil Pack (4 Cards)

    Possibly Contains a PSA 10 of:
    Kobe Bryant Gold Refractor worth $50,000+
    Lebron James Gold Refractor worth $50,000+
    Kobe Bryant Xfractor worth $15,000+
    Lebron James Xfractor worth $15,000+
    Lebron James Black Refractor worth $12,000+
    Dwight Howard Gold Refractor worth $8,000+
    Dwayne Wade Gold Refractor worth $5,000+

    $250.00  per pack
    1 pack left
    Earn 250 points
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23 Items

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