While the big names and hall of famers grab the headlines of baseball trading cards, collectors can still find tremendous value in underrated and often-forgotten players like Mike Young. Today, we'll be closely examining Mike Young’s career, why his rookie baseball card is flying under the radar, and why it'd be an excellent addition to your collection!

The Appeal of Finding Underrated Baseball Cards

There's something thrilling about discovering an underrated baseball card. It's like uncovering a hidden treasure only you know about—for now. While we may all dream about discovering a Hall-of-Famer's debut card, collectors and investors know the value lies not only in the big names but in finding those gems that others might overlook.

Collecting cards of players who perhaps weren't spectacular but were memorable and became fan favorites can be excellent investments if you find the right buyer. Like a baseball lineup, not every player will be a top-notch slugger—collectors need dependable and valuable cards to fill out their collection.

Who Is Mike Young?

If you're unfamiliar, allow us to take you through the career of outfielder Mike Young. Mike Young might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of rookie baseball cards, but that's exactly why his rookie baseball cards are flying under the radar. The outfielder played in eight seasons, most of them for the Baltimore Orioles, but he also spent time with the Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, and Cleveland Indians.

While never an all-star, Mike Young was a solid, dependable outfielder, finishing 5th in the voting for Rookie of the Year in 1982 and smashing 28 home runs for the Orioles in 1985. He also has the unique distinction of being one of just five players in MLB history to hit multiple home runs in extra innings in the same game—a 10th-inning blast and a 12th-inning walk-off against the California Angels in 1987.

Why Mike Young's Rookie Card Is a Worthy Investment

While you won't often find his name in the record books, you can find plenty of investment potential with a Mike Young rookie card. Young passed away at 63 in 2023, rekindling his name in the minds of many collectors and baseball fans.

For Baltimore Orioles fans of a certain generation, Mike Young was a mainstay and a fan favorite for the better half of the ‘80s. A Mike Young rookie card is an excellent, low-cost addition to any collection—especially ones focused on key Orioles players and ‘80s baseball players.

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