Trading cards have always been popular, but their popularity has skyrocketed in the last decade or so. More people are getting involved and buying packs and boxes left and right. There’s also been some development of new and unique ways to open cards, such as card breaks. It’s a fun way to get a lot of people excited about opening cards, but there are also negative possibilities, such as damaged cards. If you continue reading, you can learn what to do if you get a damaged card in a card break.

What Is a Card Break?

First, you must understand what a card break is and how it works. You can buy a pack of cards or a box of packs, but depending on the rarity of the cards, these packs and boxes may be incredibly expensive. Some avid collectors purchase cards this way, but the average collector will need to join a card break. Card breaks involve one person or business buying an entire box of cards, like we do at JRI Cards. From that point, other collectors can “buy in” a spot during the break, buying cards without knowing what they’ll be.

It’s a popular strategy that gets a lot of people investing in these cards, which they would have otherwise been unable to do. However, some risk is still involved, such as cards coming out of the packs damaged.

Determining the Damage

If you receive a damaged card from a card break, the first thing you should do is check back at the livestream of the case break. By looking back, you can determine if your card was damaged after the opening. Damage can happen at a few points, including during manufacturing. Additionally, the pack or box can be damaged, meaning that the card is likely damaged too, or the damage can come after opening the box or pack. Before proceeding with an email or refund claim, it’s important to look through every resource available to try and determine when the damage happened.

Getting a Refund

If your card is damaged, it’s best to contact the company or person behind the break to determine the best path forward. The card may have been damaged during transit, and the people you bought it from can help determine if that’s the case. Depending on the nature of the damage, the people you bought the card from or the shipping company may pay compensatory damages. It may be hard to get a full refund considering price fluctuations depending on the grade and the card itself, but the person or company may offer you a free card in the next break. It all depends on where you’re getting your cards from.

Learning what to do if you get a damaged card in a card break is important to ensure you get what you paid for and that you aren’t taken advantage of. At JRI Cards, we take care of our customers and help them whenever they get a damaged card. With that security, feel free to join in one of our hockey box breaks or the many other breaks we have. You’re sure to have a good time! At JRI Cards, we offer a card guarantee, so if you encounter any damaged cards, we’ll cover them and save your money!