It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in Magic: The Gathering, baseball, football, or Pokémon—whatever you’re into, graded packs can open a world of opportunities. From security to authenticity, read on to learn why graded, unsearched, and sealed packs are the way to go.

What Are Graded Packs?

Even though this may go against everything you stand for as a collector, you don’t have to open every pack you acquire. We understand—statements like that can sound sacrilegious but trust us! There’s the potential for greater value when you don’t open some packs.

Think about it like this: you find an unopened pack from a set that could contain a super-rare card. We’re talking about a card worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you open that pack and find a stack of common cards, the potential worth of the pack plummets because potential worth becomes actual worth.

When you have a sealed pack graded, collectors may be willing to pay you big bucks for the chance to find a super-rare card inside.

Graded Cards vs. Graded Packs

Of course, the super-rare card itself will fetch a higher price. Graded cards will always have more value than a graded pack that might contain a great card, but the cards require you to take on significant risks. When you sell a graded pack, you may wind up making a ton of money on the deal!


The biggest thing graded packs from a high-value box break offers is authenticity. Collectors don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a pack that simply appears to be unopened. Some sneaky individuals out there can open a pack, take the rare cards, and reseal it with common cards. The average eye couldn’t catch it, but trained graders can. Graded packs offer a coveted seal of approval.

Now that you know why graded, unsearched, and sealed packs are the way to go, don’t hesitate to get in on the next pack break from JRI Cards. Once you have an unopened pack in hand, you can work on getting it graded by PSA.