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Free Grading Services

JRI Cards also offers complimentary grading, at our discretion, when a Gem Mint card is pulled from our packs/boxes. If a customer does NOT want this complimentary grading service completed, they must contact JRI Cards within 48 hours.

As part of the grading process, if the card is worth $2,500 or more and meets the requirements of it possibly having a minimum grade of 8, customers are eligible to have the card graded for free. JRI Cards will then ship the card to either PSA, SGC, or BGS. Once the card is shipped back to JRI, we will showcase the card on the part of our live stream known as the “GRADE PARADE.” After that, we will immediately ship the card, with insurance, to the customer shipping address we have on file.

Please note: While this is a free service, JRI will only cover the first $600 in grading costs. The customer will be responsible for the remainder balance and will be billed directly for the difference in price. For example, if the grading cost is $1,000, JRI will pay $600, and the customer will get billed the balance of $400. We will contact the customer before any charge is authorized. Please keep in mind certain grading companies have an “upcharge” for very valuable cards.

However, the good news is this also means that the higher the cost, the more value the card should have!

Q What does free complimentary grading mean?
A: From time to time, JRI Cards will offer free grading services for high value cards, unless the customer makes it clear they do not want the card graded. JRI will use PSA, SGC, or BGS for this free grading service. JRI will pay up to $600 or less for each card graded, while the customer will be responsible for any charges more than $600 and will be responsible for the difference. For example, if the grading cost is $1,000, JRI will pay $600, and the customer will get billed the balance of $400.

The customer will then be notified before any charge is authorized by JRI. If the customer does not want the card graded for free by JRI, we must be notified within 24-48 hours after the card has been pulled and email has been delivered to the customer informing them that we will indeed grade the card. If any card is lost, stolen or damaged during the free grading services process, JRI Cards will cover the cost of the spot purchased to acquire the card.

JRI+ Members

If you are a JRI+ Member, complimentary grading at our discretion, will not require the mimimum value and grade in order to be graded for free. However, all other details stated in the policies above will remian in tact.