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Grading FAQ

1. What do I do after I send the card over to JRI Cards?

Once you ship the cards out to us, we will handle the rest and keep you updated on the status of your card or card(s).

2. Do I pay before or after the card is graded?

We require payment upfront before anything is done with the card.

3. Who grades the cards?

For our grading services, we use PSA & SGC!

4. What is the pricing and how long does it take?

We have discounted pricing and the cards can be graded in 65, 45, 30, 15, 5 business days. Make your selection upon submitting the form and amount of business days for each grading service.

5. What happens if my card gets lost or damaged in the process?

If your card gets lost or damaged, we will provide a full refund and cover the cost of the raw card value entered in by you the customer in the form.

6. Is there a cost to insure the card when mailing it?

No, JRI Cards will pay insurance for both sending the card out to the grading companies and the graded card sent back to the customer.