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JRI Events FAQ 

How long will PSA/SGC/BGS take to grade the cards?

PSA/SGC/Beckett will take an estimated 5+ business days to grade and ship the cards.

Can I buy more than one ticket?

Yes, there is no limit.

What if I want to buy one of the cards pulled in the pack?

Any ticketholder is more than welcome to bid for the cards through the auction house. No cards will be offered for private sale. 

When are the funds distributed? 

At the close of auction Just Rip It will receive the funds less auction house fees and distribute all the funds according to portion or percentage cashed in based on ticket amount.

Can Just Rip It buy a ticket?

No. We are happy to host it!

How are the funds distributed?

Just Rip It will wire funds or ship free 1-2 business days, all checks payable to each ticketholder.   

Are there any refunds?

Please see our Refund Policy. 

Which Auction house will JRI Cards use?

Just Rip It will pick a top auction house at its discretion to maximize the value of the cards. (REA, PWCC, Heritage, Memory Lane, Mile High, RR, Huggins & Scott, etc.)

What if the number of cards in the pack is different than the stated card amount in the pack?

We are not responsible for the number of cards in the pack due to quality control during that time. If the pack is short a card, there are no refunds, we just collect and distribute the gross proceeds for the total number of cards in the pack

Any more questions? Please contact [email protected]