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Each ticket purchased books you a spot in the live event!

It Only Takes One!

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1. After all the tickets are sold in the event, the JRI Blender will be opened first via LIVE BROADCAST on both our YouTube and Facebook channels. Following the JRI Blender will be the MAIN EVENT!

2. Cards in the MAIN PACK will be put into a card saver and reviewed. Cards that are valid based on condition and centering will immediately be sent to PSA/SGC/BGS for EXPRESS grading. Everyone will receive email notifications of the current status of the cards. The JRI Blender cards will be randomized to all the ticketholders and shipped out to the customers.

3. Once PSA/SGC/BGS grades the MAIN EVENT cards, we will unveil the grades LIVE on our broadcast for everyone to see!


*After the MAIN EVENT is ripped open, cards of value will be sent to PSA/SGC/BGS for express grading. Once the cards are delivered back to JRI, we will calculate the estimated value of all the cards and determine if the value meets or exceeds 1.5X of all the tickets purchased or the 1.5X cost of the JRI Event. If the card or cards meet or exceed the amount, then they will be sent to the auction house.

*If the card or cards do not meet the 100% minimum, they will be randomized to the ticketholders during our live broadcast. 

5. After the auction closes, we will distribute funds to ticketholders of record according to the portion cashed in. Also provided will be a Tax Form to record distribution, if applicable. (see bottom for downloadable W-2G document)


JRI Cards will pay for all grading & shipping costs.

Auction Fees 

Auction Fees will vary per auction house and will be provided to each customer upon selection. 


Always check pack listing for rules and disclaimers regarding the pack itself.

While it is impossible to provide guarantees with reference to grading of unopened material, there is, of course, the very real possibility that within these packs are Mint cards of famous Hall of Famers, rookies, and other stars. A worthy addition to any collector for their personal collection.

The estimated projected values of all sales history/comps are solely reliable from PSA, SGC, eBay, Vintage Card Prices, and other reputable auction houses. Prices of all cards may sell higher or lower depending on the market demand. Pricing is also used as an educational tool for collectors when looking to get into a product opening. JRI Cards customers are advised to do their own due diligence on market prices before making any purchases.

JRI Cards is not responsible for any chewing, eating, or handling of any bubble gum which may be contained in any packs given away to customers. JRI Cards recommends throwing the gum away that is located inside the pack.

JRI Cards is not responsible for the rising or falling of prices due to market conditions. Please remember that JRI Cards is not a grading company and will not be held responsible for the outcome of the card that is graded by any grading company.


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