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Mixer|1958 Topps Football Cello Pack - Jim Brown on Back! + Rare Bonus Pack (12 Cards Available)

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$1,958.00  per card

Possibly contains a PSA Mint Card of:
Jim Brown RC worth $3,000,000 in PSA 10
Jim Brown RC worth $400,000+ in PSA 9
Bart Starr worth $40,000+ in a PSA 10
Johnny Unitas worth $40,000+ in PSA 10

11 cards left


1. You will get one RANDOM CARD in each pack for every CARD purchased!

2. We will randomize the names for each pack opened!



Pack Bundle Breakdown

This very rare graded and sealed 1958 TOPPS FOOTBALL CELLO PACK could contain Hall of Famers, rookies, and other stars!

Could possibly contain a PSA 10 card of Jim Brown worth $3,000,000+! A PSA 9 Mint of Jim Brown could possibly top $1,000,000+! Also, look or Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas worth $40,000+!

A PSA 9 Mint of Jim Brown last sold for $336,000 in Feb. 2017!

A PSA 8.5 NM-MT+ of Jim Brown sold for $84,800 in July 2016!

A PSA 8 NM-MT of Jim Brown averages $30,000+ 

A PSA 7 NM-MT of Jim Brown averages $8,000+ 

A PSA 6 NM-MT of Jim Brown averages $4,000+ (WE PULLED IT LIVE!)

Also, look for cards of Johnny Unitas, Marv Matuzsak, Roosevelt Brown, Vic Zucco, Bobby Dillon, Don Bosseler, Joe Schmidt, Gary Knafelc, and Sonny Jurgensen, Frank Gifford worth $3,000 to $8,000+ in PSA 9!

Also, over 18 other rare cards worth $2,000+ in a PSA 9!

Over 37 other cards worth $1,000+ in a PSA 9! Look for rare Felt Initial cards worth $3,000+ in a PSA 8! (See Notes)

Only 132 cards in the 1958 set and 32 are Hall of Famers! Seven key Rookie Cards including Jim Brown (The Holy Grail of Football cards) and Sonny Jurgensen! 

There are currently only six PSA 10’s in the 1958 set so the value for those specific cards could be much higher due to rarity!

1959 Topps Football 2nd Series Cello Pack

Pack Breakdown

This graded and sealed 1959 TOPPS FOOTBALL 2nd SERIES CELLO PACK could possibly contain a PSA 10 Gem Mint card of Hall of Famers Jerry Kramer rookie and Jim Parker rookie worth $10,000+!

Also, Look for a PSA 10's of Alex Karras rookie, Jim Taylor rookie, Bobby Mitchell rookie, and LA Ram Pennant worth $7,000+!

Plus, try to pull PSA 10's of Y.A. Tittle, Stan Jones, Lenny MooreGino Marchetti, Roosevelt Brown, Yale Leary, Andy Robustelli, Johnny Crow, Pete Retzlaff,  and many more worth $1,500+ to $5,000+!

Look for PSA 9's of Kramer, Mitchell, Taylor, and Alex Karras worth $1,000+!

Look for Rare Pennant and Team cards!

Only 87 Cards in the Topps 2nd Series! 

2nd Series of cards were #89 thru #176 according to Topps.

There are 12 Hall of Fame cards are in the 1959 Topps Football 2nd Series!

The backs of the ’59 Topps football issue included a quiz on the back that asked you to scratch off the answer with a coin. Unscratched cards are rare! 

The set might be best known for the Jim Taylor rookie card that doesn’t actually picture the Packers running back. Number 155 in the set actually pictures a Chicago Cardinals’ linebacker of the same name!

'58 Sales History - Top 5+ Cards

A PSA Mint 9 #62 Brown sold for $358,500 in 2016 and $336,000 in 2017

A PSA Gem Mint 10 #66 Bart Starr sold for $22,095 in 2018

A PSA Gem Mint 10 #16 Gino Marchetti sold for $4,550 in 2016

A PSA NM-MT 8.5 #62 Jim Brown sold for $84,800 in 2016

A PSA Mint 9 #66 Bart Starr sold for $10,655 in 2021

A PSA Mint 9 #102 Roosevelt Brown sold for $3,538 in 2016

A PSA Mint 9 #129 George Blanda sold for $2,027 in 2016

A PSA Mint 9 #73 Frank Gifford sold for $2,700 in 2016

A PSA Mint 9 #22 Unitas sold for $8,300 in 2017

A PSA Mint 9 #36 Vic Zucco sold for $3,349 in 2018

A PSA NM-MT 8.5 #22 Unitas sold for $1,567 in 2018

A PSA Mint 9 #79 Matuzsak sold for $4,049 in 2018

A PSA Mint 9 #90 Sonny Jurgensen sold for $3,500 in 2020

A PSA NM-MT 8 #FELT Felt Initial Card sold for $2,750 in 2016


One card that is very rare is a mail-in felt initial card. Randomly inserted in 1958 Topps Football packs, this card showcases a drawing of a boy with an "L" on his red shirt, beside a girl with an "A" on her blue shirt. Kids were told to send the card in, along with three wrappers and a self-addressed stamped envelope, to receive a four inch felt initial of their choice. THESE ARE VERY RARE AS KIDS USUALLY THREW THEM OUT!

*When all the cards in this pack bundle are sold out, we will open it via our live broadcast on our YouTube Channel and Facebook Live Channel!

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