Sports card collecting is one of the hottest hobbies today because of vintage card breaks. We’ll explain why vintage football card breaks are so popular and why you should consider joining JRI Cards and our live box break broadcasts!

What’s Old Is New Again

Many card collectors fall in love with the hobby because it reminds them of their younger days when they would obsess over rare cards of their favorite football players. Investing in vintage football card breaks can feel like traveling back in time and reignite the excitement of opening a new pack. For many collectors, nothing beats the emotional connection that these classic football cards have when they’re finally revealed.

Joining a Community

The social aspect of vintage football card breaks is a major attraction for many. Card collecting can be a solitary and individual pursuit as collectors research and hunt for rare finds and the best value on the market.

Football card breaks are also an excellent way to meet other collectors and enter the card-collecting community. Participants in a card break can interact with one another during the livestream to make friends, build connections, hang out, and talk about their hobbies.

The Chance To Win Big

Vintage football breaks offer a terrific way to potentially find a valuable card for collectors to add to their collection. As everyone knows, the rarer the card, the more valuable it is. Older card breaks have the potential for some incredibly rare and valuable finds. Few experiences are more thrilling and nerve-racking for collectors than watching a live football card break. Maybe they’ll pull a rookie Deion Sanders card, an Emmitt Smith card, or a Barry Sanders card; the possibilities are endless!

Accessible Entry to Card Collecting

Vintage football card breaks are also affordable for collectors to grow their collection and fall into extremely valuable cards. JRI cards offers card break spots at various prices to accommodate collectors of budgets big and small. Purchasing a spot in a card break could be your ticket to hit it big!

Join JRI Cards’ Next Live Football Card Break

Now that you know why vintage football card breaks are so popular, get vintage Topps football cards and more from JRI Cards, and join one of our livestream box breaks to see if you hit it big! We offer box break spots of various prices and specials like buy one get one free, so there’s something for everyone. Buy a break spot and we’ll see you at our next live broadcast!