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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if there is an extra card/pack in a pack/box?

Due to quality control issues a long time ago, if there happens to be extra card(s)/packs(s) in the break, we will go back to the top of the list and give the card(s)/pack(s) to the names in ascending order. 

2. What if the pack/box is short a card/pack?

Due to quality control issues a long time ago, if the pack/box happens to be short a card(s)/pack(s), a full refund will be given to that participant(s) in that spot.

3. How long before I receive my cards and how much is shipping?

 The product will be shipped to the customer by JRI Cards with FREE 2-Day Shipping. Shipping Days are within 1-2 Business Days from the break.

4. What does it mean to have a Graded Pack/Authenticated Product?

All of our packs will be graded and come encapsulated by third-party companies. Whether it is PSA, GAI, BBCE or Beckett, every customer can rest assure the products we open are not searched and validated by the before-mentioned companies. On occasion, some packs will be not graded, but factory sealed, authenticated, and not tampered with in any way to the best of our knowledge.

5. What number in the list do I get when I buy my card entry?

JRI Cards will get the list of names and use a list randomizer to determine the order BEFORE the product is ripped open.

6. How does a box break work?

JRI Cards sells random packs in a box, this will work in the same way as cards in a pack, but the customer will own the entire pack. 

7. Do pack breaks start from the top or bottom of the pack?

We will always start from the top of the pack (picture card) for cello packs and the top card for wax packs.

8. When will the product be ripped open?

Once all the spots are sold out, JRI Cards will announce the time and day of pack break. In most instances, the pack will be ripped the same day of sell-out or within a few days. Shot Packs are all opened within the same night as long as we are live!

9. Can we see the pack ripped open?

Yes, JRI Cards will broadcast live the unveiling of the product right in front of your own eyes on our broadcasted channels YouTube & Facebook.

10. What is a Grade Parade?

A Grade Parade is when JRI Cards will showcase graded cards!

11. Do you offer refunds on the cards or box breaks that have been purchased?

Please see our Refund Policy

12. What happens if there is a power outage or any other unforeseen interruption of the live broadcast while the pack is being ripped open?

Upon the outage, we will immediately resume the live feed by any means via a mobile device on Facebook Live and or YouTube Live in order to not interrupt the live break.

13. How does JRI Cards determine what Series a Wax or Cello Pack is if not labeled by a professional grader?

We here at JRI Cards, will do our best to determine which series a pack is, if not labeled by a grading service, by using a simple rule. We will look at both top and bottom of a card, if available on a cello pack, and use those numbers to match up whatever series they are in via the PSA/SGC/BGS grading system. We at JRI Cards, will not be responsible for determining which series a pack is due to quality control errors from the card manufacturer but will do our best to narrow it down for our customers.

14. What if a customer pulls a redemption card that is expired?

JRI Cards is not responsible for expired Redemption Cards and will offer a full refund. However, JRI Cards and/or the customer will do everything possible to attempt to get the Redemption Card redeemed or try to get the customer a similar card by calling the manufacturer (Topps, Panini, Bowman, Donruss, etc.) and putting in a request. 

15. What service level does JRI grade with?

We use the standard service level which can take anywhere from 20-60 business days. This is the case whether we submit to PSA, Beckett, or SGC. Customers do have the option, however, for a Mega Hit to be expressed. For any further questions, please contact [email protected]!

16. What happens when JRI Cards opens the incorrect product on the live stream?

JRI Cards takes great care in making sure that all of its products are opened at the correct time and place. On the rare occasion that a wrong product is opened, we will open the correct product on the following stream and will retain the item that was incorrectly opened. For the original customers who placed an order in a break that was incorrectly opened which leaves them empty handed, they will receive a spot in a newly listed product.

17. What is the JRI Shot Clock?

The purpose of the JRI Shot Clock is to formally count down to the end of the show, similar to how, in basketball, a shot clock counts down the possession. Near the end of JRI live streams, we will pull up, and start, the Shot Clock. If purchases are made for JRI SHOT PACKS ONLY while the clock is going, we will stop the clock, open the products and, once everything has been opened, begin the Shot Clock once again. Once the Shot Clock officially expires, the show will end for the night.

18. What happens when there is a bonus pack of cards in any particular box?

We will randomize the pack to one lucky winner, unless it is specified in the listing that another customer is entitled to it.

*Regarding any breaks offered on our store, as all cards/packs will be selected using a randomizer, there is no guarantee that any single spot purchased will result in a particular card/pack.