Some people collect cards to collect cards. For them, it’s enough to own rare cards and leave them in their binders. Other people, however, want to know what they own. A super-rare card is excellent, but what could it sell for? The condition of the card has your answer. Read on to learn why you should get your vintage basketball cards graded.

Adding Value

The best reason to grade your cards is the added value. Assuming you have accurately estimated the value of your card, a grade will make your cards easier to sell and more desirable. After all, ungraded cards are a risk that most collectors don’t want to take.

Ultimate Protection

Sleeves and toploaders are good places to start for card protection, but better options exist. When you send your cards for grading, you’ll get them back in some of the best card holders available. While getting cards graded is more about the grade, a top-notch holder is an excellent side benefit.

Who Should Get Their Cards Graded?

Finally, we want to make it clear that grading cards is an optional part of this hobby. You can have a lot of fun collecting vintage basketball cards without getting into grading. However, grading is a great idea if you plan to sell your cards at any point. The cards that sell for obscene dollar amounts are all graded, so that’s the first step to making your fortune!

On top of that, you may want your cards graded to lock them in time—once your cards have a grade and get sealed up tight, they’ll remain that same quality forever. Grading cards can get expensive, but it’s a nice way to immortalize your favorite cards.

Now that you know why you should get your vintage basketball cards graded, send off your best cards to the grading company of your choice. When you get them back, you may be lucky enough to have some 8s or even 9s among them!